Falling in love is the easiest part of a relationship. Keeping the relationship going takes time, commitment, and perseverance. You’ll learn strategies to overcome the difficulties which present themselves as well as how to deepen your love for each other.


When you first fall in love it’s like there’s a fire between you filled with passion and excitement. As you move beyond the infatuation stage, that fire lessens, and you may wonder if you made a mistake.


The only mistake is in forgetting that it takes effort and commitment to keep a relationship going.


Your relationship began with a chemical reaction between the two of you. That’s not very romantic, but it’s true. If you want to be one of the couples who celebrates their 60th anniversary, now is the time to establish routines which nourish your relationship.

You’ll learn strategies to overcome difficulties and move your relationship to a depth you never thought possible.

How to build a loving relationship that lasts

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