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About Me

My name is Peter Helfrich, I have been a life coach for many years. I a certified master life coach and a certified master mindset coach.  My certifications include purpose, happiness, goals and relationships. 

Over the years I have helped many, many people like you get past their fears and live a happier more purposeful life style. My goal is help bring out the better version of yourself in every aspect. So I start by asking you personal questions that you have probably never asked yourself. The purpose of this is so that I can get a feel on what you need to change to become better.

I strongly believe that it is better to get someone else's perspective of your life by having someone from the outside break down the little things that you may not see while your going through it. I, myself have been through some things that I needed someone else's view because at the time my mind was so fogged up with emotion I just could not see my way out. Here I am today past that dark place and living a better prosperous life and so can you! Are you are ready to take that NEXT step for a better tomorrow? If so, give me a call today and let's get you on the road to living your best life.